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On June 2nd, the Council for Academic Advising and Student Counseling of Maastricht University will host the annual UM Advising Seminar which will be focused on the topic: Advising towards Employability II. This UM seminar offers a range of initiatives, best practices and research in the interrelated fields of advising and teaching. The council looks forward to continue and expand the exchange and discussions that sprung alive during the first edition of this seminar in 2015.

Based on the proposals the organization has received so far, they are confident that the seminar will include an inspiring range of presentations and keynote speakers, who will offer various perspectives on the role advisors, teachers and others involved in the education and coaching of our students can play in helping them to be motivated and productive with regards to their studies, and their future ambitions.

Students often wonder about the connection between what they learn during their studies and the demands of the labor market, and about ways to enhance their chances for future employment. Therefore, employability remains high on the agenda for Maastricht University. But what exactly is employability and how can it be enhanced? We believe that the key element for students – or any professional, for that matter – is to be aware of the many connections that exist between who they are, what they learn, how they learn, and what they want to accomplish: as scholars, as budding professionals and as inquisitive human beings.

If you are interested in attending, please mark your calendar. It will soon be possible to register for the seminar online via the SUMa website, and the organization will notify you via mail once registration is open. We specifically encourage students to attend – your ideas, expectations and experiences will be valuable input!

The program will consist of presentations, workshops, and discussion, on topics such as: the First Year Experience, Navigating cultural differences in the classroom, Socialization as a tool for study success, Practice-oriented teaching initiatives, Professional Conduct and Attitudes, Effective Study Strategies, UCM ThinkTank. The seminar features keynote speakers who will address practical and visionary aspects of an integrated approach for teaching and advising towards employability, representing both the educational and the professional perspective.

More information on the annual seminar:
“Advising towards Employability II”
Teaching knowledge, skills, and professionalism
June 2, 2016; 9:30-16:30
at University College Maastricht

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