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Looking back at the first UM e-Assessment event

Are you convinced your exam needs open essay questions but do you struggle with reviewing students’ hand writing? Or are your students out of sight but online assessment seems risky? What should you take care of before, during and after offering digital tests?

Few days before Carnival an event took place in which these questions served as starting point to share possibilities and experiences on e-assessment, both within the UM and beyond. Joost Dijkstra (project manager assessment at Academic Affairs) chaired the well-visited afternoon. The location actually appeared to be too small for the amount of participants!

Joost was supported by Rina Vaatstra and Iris van den Boorn in offering a well-chosen program with speakers from several faculties and experts from 3 other institutions (Saxion, UvA and HAN). The organization lied with the (library) e-learning support team.

Participants shared afterwards that they had heard new insights and got inspired in one of the sessions and even thinking of making use of one of the demonstrated applications [feedback gathered with a short questionnaire]. They hope to hear of more experiences (both negative and positive) in the future again and hope that the UM will be able to really start up developments in this area. We on the other hand could add more to an overview of what has been done already in the area of e-assessment within the faculties and what they are looking into right now. Joost will definitely take all the received feedback into account when planning for the future!

If you need information or support on (making use of) e-assessment yourselves, you can turn to:

FHML jeroen.donkers@maastrichtuniversity LAW (Paul)
FHS SBE (Sven)

So in short: it tasted well!
We are looking forward to meeting you again!

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